We are…

A consulting firm who sells our competence, experience and knowledge to help companies implement and improve child-rights related CSR-strategies, programs and projects.

Our vision

A society where all companies actively work to make sure their business is in line with the Children´s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP).

Our mission

By supporting businesses with our expertise and services we facilitate efficient change in their work to make permanent improvement in the lives of children, young people and parent workers.

The Center for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility (CCR CSR) has been a pioneer in advising businesses on child rights since 2009. Our services and expertise help businesses embrace sustainability strategies, programs and projects that permanently improve the lives of children, young workers and working migrant parents in supply chains across Asia. 

Companies leave a profound impact in the areas and communities where they operate. In terms of impact, the most vulnerable, and often most-overlooked group, are children. However, an intertwined series of challenges in supply chains can ultimately be linked back to children. For example, there’s the distracted line worker who rarely sees her child; the unmotivated juvenile worker who’s treated as a disposable source of labor; there’s also the restless young factory worker who grew up without parental guidance and lacks the skills to face every day challenges; and then there’s the line manager whose outdated management and communication style leads to conflict and misunderstandings with young workers. All these scenarios lead to high staff turnover, recruitment difficulties, low retention rates, frequent errors on the production line, low worker moral, poorer product quality etc.

In response to the above challenges, CCR CSR has developed the following services and tools:

CCR CSR is the first such center in the world and given the importance of China as the world’s supplier, we set up our office first in Beijing and Shenzhen. In 2015, we created a second center in Hong Kong, which also supports our services in Malaysia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. This was followed by a new office in Myanmar, where local staff are implementing a Child Labor Response Action project and supporting our other services there.

Aligning sustainability strategies and business activities with children's rights is not only a CSR initiative, it is an investment in the sustainable growth of the business and brand. As our case studies show, more and more clients are enjoying tangible returns in their investment in children, young workers and migrant working parents.

We will be judged successful when all companies actively work to make sure their businesses are aligned with the Children's Rights and Business Principles (CRBP) – because children are your business!