CCR CSR works directly with internal auditor and social compliance officers to deliver practical and hands-on training through exercises, case studies, roleplays and discussions.  This workshop focuses on children’s and young people’s rights in an auditor’s context, to get participants acquainted with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and explore how this is applicable in the workplace.

Participants will be:

  • Introduced to Chinese laws on young workers, including child labour, interns and student employees
  • Provided insight about adolescent changes, both physical and psychological
  • Instructed on techniques and tips to communicate better with young workers 

Training objectives are:

  • To help auditors/social compliance staff become better equipped to approach and support the young workforce, students and dispatched workers in the factories
  • To give auditors a toolbox ready to use in their daily work
  • To give participants and their managers advice if working methods, checklists, and their overall approaches need to be adjusted to better relate to the young workforce, students and dispatched workers

Training modules:

  • Laws and regulations that focus on young workers, students and dispatched workers 
  • Children’s and young person’srights in an auditor context
  • Communication with young persons
  • Interviews with young workers, students and dispatched workers

​All workshops use real-life case studies from CCR CSR's work in this field.  We specialize in providing training that is based on reality and can be put into practice immediately.