Information updated: Dec, 2017

What is it?

A factory-based facility providing a safe environment for children to play and learn through a range of activities under the supervision of trained staff. The facilities are set up and start operating during the summer school vacation months when the need for child care is greatest.

Why Child Friendly Spaces in Factories?

The summer months can be a challenging time for parent workers in factories. With schools closed, parents or caregivers must find a way to make sure the children are supervised and safe throughout the day. For migrant parents with left-behind children, worries about their children's safety run high. How can they be sure the children are supervised when they are so far away and busy working? Many migrant parents who live with their children also face a similar predicament over the summer. As a result, each summer parents across China bring their children with them to the factory floor.

What’s been done so far?

Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) piloted at six factories in China in 2016 on behalf of three clients. In the summer of 2017, 12 new factories across the country set up CFS.

What impact does it have?

CFS brings long-term benefits to workers, their children and to factories. According to consolidated data from CFS this summer (from 12 factories), the project had the following impact:

What do others say about it?

"We needed such projects for the satisfaction of our workers. The parents were very happy, especially when they saw the progress their children made during the summer. I believe that the impact is a long term one and a win-win to all parties involved.” General manager of a participating factory

“It allows us to be together, it‘s very safe. It lets us be at ease and they can make new friends. In the past I wasn't motivated to go to work because I was concerned about my child.” A parent whose child attended the CFS in the summer of 2016

“I was not so close to my daughter because I never raised her. She didn’t talk much during phone calls and never told me about any of her problems. Since the opening of the CFS, I feel closer to my child now. I'm so relieved that she can be here.” The mother of a 6-year old girl who has been attending a CFS in Guangdong in the summer of 2016.

“Our child friendly spaces pilots have delivered real benefits for migrant toy factory workers and their families, helping to improve family bonds, reduce levels of workplace stress and anxiety, and boost children’s development. We’ve also seen important business benefits at participating toy factories, with improvements in retention rates among workers who participated, higher levels of trust and better employee-management relationships.” Mark Robertson, spokesperson at ICTI CARE Foundation.

"I love coming here. The summer before last when my parents went to work, I stayed in the dormitory by myself. Now I come here. There are a lot of other children here. It is very interesting.” A second grader from Henan Province who took part in the 2017 CFS program. 

“Compared to other factories, our factory is much better. The employee-centered management really cares about our needs as parents. If nothing unexpected happens, I will continue working at this factory.” Ms. Zhang, mother of a 7-year-old son & 12-year-old daughter whose children attended CFS in 2017.

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