Child Labor: The Background Story

Our Services on Child Labor

a)    Review and Develop Company’s Child Labor Policy and Procedure

By reviewing the company’s existing child labor policy and procedures and interviewing HR and relevant staff, our team will make a comprehensive assessment of current management and HR practice on child labor issues including prevention and remediation. The assessment will identify the risks and loopholes, and provide suggestions and recommendations towards a comprehensive mechanism. We will also review and benchmark the company’s Code of Conduct (CoC) to ensure that child labor issues are included and up to industry standard and best practice.

If the company does not have relevant policy and procedures, we will develop a comprehensive child labor policy and guidelines in line with international standards and national laws, from risk prevention, daily operations and monitoring, to the remediation process.

b)    Develop Training Materials and Provide Trainings for Brands/Suppliers

Based on the child labor policy and suggested amendments of the company’s CoC, CCR CSR will develop training materials and deliver trainings to ensure that the new policy and procedures are known, understood, agreed upon and implemented by the company and its suppliers’ HR and relevant staff. The child labor remediation process, as described in the child labor policy guideline, will be an integral part of the training. Curriculum and training will include:

  • Understanding child labor risks such as root causes of occurrence, case studies
  • Child labor issues in China including relevant laws, regulations and policies
  • Introducing the company’s new child labor policy and how it is implemented to ensure compliance, including prevention and remediation

c)     Assessment Protocol Development and Assessor Training

To assess the implementation of the company’s child labor policy and CoC in its supply chain and to ensure the elimination of child labor, on-site assessment is the key first step. CCR CSR will develop an assessment protocol based on the needs and requirements of the client. Usually, an assessment protocol consists of a questionnaire, a traceable reporting format and supporting documents such as preparatory and follow-up documents. The assessment protocol would give internal or third party assessors a handy tool to quickly assess the child labor situation and identify risks and violations in a factory. It can also automatically generate the scores and follow-up checkpoints.

Our team will carry out a trial assessment together with the company’s internal auditors or relevant staff to test the feasibility of the tool, followed by training and guidance to the company’s internal assessors.

d)    Child Labor Remediation package

CCR CSR’s remediation service is available to our Working Group members and includes a comprehensive set of actions to assist companies with a remediation process from start to finish. CCR CSR’s CLR package also includes access to our online child labor remediation resource platform which provides first-hand access to information that can drive informed decisions related to the best interest of the child, including:

  • Relevant laws in the respective city/province
  • Schooling/further education options in the respective city/province
  • The best local remediation opportunities for the child
  • Service providers and other support systems available 
Our service considers the best interest of the child and involves the following steps:
  • Assessing the situation of the child
  • Discussing solutions with parents, children and companies
  • Defining possible remediation solutions based on the initial suggestions such as vocational schools and other training options including a budget for enrollment and monthly living stipend
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of brands, factory managers, children, parents, service providers and CCR CSR
  • Linking to third party support and local service providers with rich experience in child labor remediation
  • Supporting the child, the company and the supplier throughout the remediation process

CCR CSR currently provides child labor remediation services in China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Please contact us for details.

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