What is it?

CCR CSR has a child labor prevention and remediation program for international clients sourcing from China. The program is also tailored to each individual case, but it usually entails the development of guidelines for when a child laborer is found and access to our online child labor remediation resources platform. We also encourage suppliers to take part in child labor prevention workshops and awareness seminars to prevent child labor in the future, and we bring in third party support or link the client to local service providers when necessary. 

Why child labor prevention and remediation?

There are currently no official statistics available on the prevalence of child labor in China. However, according to CCR CSR’s study “Best Response: Auditor’s Insights on Child Labor in Asia”, 71% of auditors from China encountered child labor between 2014-2016, challenging the assumption that child labor is no longer so prevalent in China’s manufacturing industry. The study also found that the top reasons for children to work in China is not wishing to continue with their schooling and the majority secured their jobs at factory by using forged ID cards.

Another issue is the common practice of migrant parent workers bringing their children to production areas during school holidays due to a lack of childcare options. Often, these children –  while not formally employed or necessarily working – are identified as child laborers by auditors.  

What’s been done so far?

To date, CCR CSR has remediated over 50 cases of child labor for numerous international brands with suppliers in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Fujian Provinces. We’ve also carried out dozens of child labor prevention trainings, workshops and awareness seminars for brands and suppliers.

Our remediation process focuses on the best interest of the child, and at the same time is responsive towards brands and suppliers and maintaining the highest confidentiality standards. We take care of the remediation process from start to finish and furnish the client with monthly reports. When a client has signed up for our services we are ready to receive calls, emails or other notifications on child labor and kick-start our remediation service

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