What is it?

CCR CSR develops Migrant Parent Support Programs that are customized to clients' needs. Typically, these programs include all or a combination of in-factory trainings for migrant parent workers, Child Friendly Spaces, eLearning and PhotoVoice.

Why a migrant parent support program?

In China today more than 61 million children, commonly referred to as “left behind children”, are growing up without parents who migrated for work. This separation poses problems in the workplace for migrant parents. Our 2017 study on migrant parent workers in China’s factories found that migrant parents –  especially those who’ve left behind children –  are less satisfied with their workplace and intend to stay at their jobs for shorter periods. Parents who migrated with their children often face similar struggles. Often, with no time to look after children and no caregivers available, workers either leave their children unsupervised for long periods or take them with them to the factory floor. 

What's been done so far? 

CCR CSR's Migrant Parent Support Program is customized to clients' needs. Our client Colossseum Athletics - a US apparel brand - took part in a one year program between 2016 and 2017 that entailed in-factory trainings for migrant parent workers and supervisors, as well as PhotoVoice - a creative program whereby workers use photography to engage with their children and tell their stories. 64 workers and 11 supervisors from Colosseum's supplier factory C&C took part in the program. Read on for more about Colosseum's PhotoVoice program.

Our Migrant Parent Support Program for Swedish hardware brand Clas Ohlson entails in-factory trainings, eLearning support, Factory Child Friendly Spaces and monitoring the migrant children centres Clas Ohlson supports. 

What impact did the program have?

Colosseum's Migrant Parent Support program had measurable impact on workers' attitudes towards parenting, with many choosing to change their approach to spend more quality time with their children:

What do others say? 

“Migrant workers make up the majority of the workforce manufacturing Colosseum products in China, and many of these workers are parents with left behind children. Working [..] on the migrant parent worker training and photo-voice program has allowed us to support these parents and improve their relationship with their children back home. A secondary motivation in implementing this program has been to help factory management decrease turnover by improving worker satisfaction and loyalty. We’ve seen success with this program in both areas,” said Kelsey Keene, Director of CSR at Colosseum Athletics.

"They (factory management) understand our difficulties as migrant parents with left-behind children and care about us," a working father with three left-behind children from Guizhou who took part in the Colosseum Migrant Parent Support program. 

More info on our migrant parent support services here