The background story

  • Over 260 million people in China have left home in search of work
  • 62 million children have been left-behind by parents due to this mass migration
  • Over 40% of working parents have left work due to concerns related to their children, according to a 2013 CCR CSR study
  • The same study found that almost 40% of working parents admit to making errors at work due to worries about their children
  • Many parents only get to see their children once a year
  • Many parents would like to find work closer to their children but struggle to find factories that provide facilities and/or support provisions for the family

1. Parent Training - Parents at Work: Distance Without Separation

CCR CSR has developed a parenting training program, which aims to provide a range of important support mechanisms and tools necessary for improving and maintaining relationships between migrant workers and their children. This training program emphasizes the wellbeing of the parents with the belief that a mentally and physically healthy parent will be a focused and happier worker.

This one day training course consists of three modules with ten sessions in each module. By the end of the training, parents are expected to:

  • Have an increased sense of value as a parent and lead a happier and healthier life
  • Understand the rights and needs of the child at different ages for better communication with and support to their children
  • Develop remote communication skills with their children to build closer relationships
  • Recognize signs of distress and being hurt
  • Support children’s growth and development

"After the training, I tried to spend less time on my smartphone and paid more attention to my daughter. When we chat, I listen to her more attentively and observe her reaction. In the past, I had little patience with her and was easy to get angry, which always left her crying. After the training, I changed my attitude towards her, becoming more patient and gentle. Our relationship has improved a lot." A mother who works in a factory in Dongguan who attended the parent training.

2. Child Friendly Spaces

CCR CSR offers Parent Support Packages that provide working parents with the support needed to regularly connect with their children, such as pre-paid phone cards, support groups and activities etc.  As part of this package, we also develop a "Child-Friendly Space" (CFS) tool for brands and its suppliers. CFS is a temporary, factory-based facility intended to give children and their working parents more time to spend together during the summer. Because of the lack of access to child-care services, a large number of migrant parents have to leave their child at home in their villages. This separation results in a significant strain on relationships, parents' well-being and children’s development. By providing a safe and inclusive child-friendly space, CFS allows parents and children to be together and to increase worker’s satisfaction.

This space aims to:

  • Provide a child-friendly environment that allows for children’s play and recreation, daily contact and joint activities with parents
  • Improved trust in not only family relationships, but also in employer-employee relations  
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs due to increased worker loyalty and morale
  • Achieve higher worker retention and less risk associated with the usage of labor agents
  • Offer a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining staff


"We needed such projects for the satisfaction of our workers. The parents were very happy, especially when they saw the progress their children made during the summer. I believe that the impact is a long term one and a win-­‐win to all parties involved.” General manager of a participating factory

Read our case study on Factory Child Friendly Spaces here, and our study on the impact of our 2016 CFS pilot program in China here. Our brochure on FCFS can be downloaded through the document link at the bottom of this page. 

3. WeChat eLearning Platform

CCR CSR's WeChat eLearning platform supports parent workers, particularly those with left-behind children. A joint initiative with UNICEF, the platform includes animated lessons, videos and quizzes that introduce them to tools, activities and tips that can help strengthen the parent-child bond. More info here

4. Photovoice

CCR CSR's Photovoice parent tool gives factories a chance to positively engage with their workers by giving them the opportunity to express and share stories through the medium of photography. 


“I was really glad that I attended the parent training and took part in the PhotoVoice activities. They made me feel confident that I can still educate my children well even when I am not around. Now I can enjoy my phone calls with my daughter and son, and sometimes our calls even last for one hour now!” A mother of two left behind children who took part in PhotoVoice between 2016-2017.

CCR CSR implemented a PhotoVoice project for US apparel brand Colosseum Athletics in 2016-2017. Read about the project and watch our short film here

You may also be interested in reading our 2017 study on migrant parent workers in China here