Children’s rights are an essential investment in our sustainable future.  Safeguarding these rights helps build the strong, well-educated communities that are vital to creating a stable, inclusive and productive business environment.

Developed by the UN Global Compact, Save the Children and UNICEF, the Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP), also known as The Principles, are the first comprehensive guidelines on what businesses can do in the workplace, marketplace and community to respect and support children’s rights.   The purpose of the guidelines is to help companies - big and small, foreign and Chinese – to analyze their core businesses to find ways to improve the lives of children.

A business that integrates respect and support for children into its strategy and operations not only generates benefits for society but real benefits for its business as well. Positive action for children’s rights can build reputation, improve risk management and enhance the social license to operate, including gaining and maintaining the support of the people who live and work where the business is conducted.Child Rights and Business Principles

A commitment to children can also help recruit and maintain a motivated workforce. For example, by supporting employees in their roles as parents and caregivers, and promoting youth employment and helping to ensure that the next generation has the skills a business needs to prosper.

The Principles identify a range of actions that all businesses should take to prevent and address any adverse impact on children’s human rights, as well as measures all businesses are encouraged to take to help support and advance children’s rights. It recognizes the tremendous positive power of businesses large and small, and seeks to promote the best business practices. The principles call on the entire business community around the world to evaluate their impact on the rights of children and to take action to make a difference for children.

Below, please download the 2 page summary of the Principles or go here for a more detailed introduction.