CCR CSR’s Training of Trainer’s (ToT) service helps companies to maximize the scale and impact of their worker engagement. The training focus is on a selected core group of factory-based trainers, but a successful ToT program involves the full participation and engagement of factory management and the workers themselves.

CCR CSR provides a full-year ToT support service with the following aims:

  • Trainer’s consultation – including in-factory training observation and feedback, additional capacity support, and training resources discussion group
  • Management consultation – supporting development of strategy to effectively promote and implement the trainings: this includes worker awareness and activities, scheduling and internal department coordination
  • Tracking and evaluation – regular follow-up call and tracking activity to help evaluate training progress and overall program impact

The implementation process is summarized in the following steps:

1. For each factory engaged in a ToT, CCR CSR holds an initial project meeting with trainers and top management, including production, HR and CSR. The objective is to discuss:

  • The training content, purpose and expected impact
  • How to best promote it (in your factory context) to gain workers interest
  • How to coordinate participation and scheduling
  • What other activities to include

2. CCR CSR conducts an in-factory promotional session for staff and workers to introduce future trainings (a half-day session, with one training module and supporting activity, plus an e-learning demonstration)

3. CCR CSR then conducts a three-day ToT, followed by in-factory training observation and drafting solutions to any identified implementation challenges. This includes planning for further activities, support and e-learning

4. Follow-up calls, observation and tracking to document the project progress and impact

Example of Post-training Activity: Worker Support Groups (parenting example)

  • Ask the factory trainers to arrange weekly (or bi-weekly) discussions, with coordination and input from the workers
  • Outside guests, such as social workers, can be invited
  • Arrange a 30-45 minute discussion with 10-15 people, followed by Q&A
  • Sessions can be organized by issue, family status, age group etc.
  • Topics could include: ECD, learning, discipline and communication, needs and rights etc. This can serve as an opportunity to discuss training material, share practical info and new resources

Example of Post-training Support: E-learning (parenting example)

Delivered through a WeChat-based platform and accessible through mobile devices, the e-learning package provides easy access to training-related information. With just one click, participants have access to a diverse range of key lesson materials (such as distance communication, child needs, personal well-being) that are presented through the eye-catching and memorable medium of animated videos, photo-based visual stories and interactive content.

Licensed factory participants will also have access to an e-learning management portal allowing them to upload surveys, visual information and answer questions from workers, thus providing a tailored learning experience and encouraging ongoing engagement.

In addition to the ToTs, CCR CSR offers a full range of in-factory trainings related to the management of student & juvenile workers, line managers and working migrant parents. Moreover, CCR CSR also works closely with companies and their supply chain factories to develop trainings customized specifically to the client’s needs. As part of CCR CSR’s commitment to providing high-quality trainings that make bring noticeable benefits to factories and their workers, each training package includes a comprehensive pre and post-training impact assessment and evaluation process.

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