Young workers are constantly facing difficulties in the work place and staff turnover for this workforce is at an all time high. Reasons for this may be that young workers:
  • Education and life experiences are not aligned with the reality of the factory work environment
  • Don’t understand company policies and expectations are not well communicated by management
  • Communication skills are limited to help mediate conflict amongst peers and management
  • Interpersonal skills are limited to manage their emotions and communicate their needs
  • Career path is unknown and they don’t know the skills necessary to achieve their own dreams

In response to this, CCR CSR has developed a face-to-face in-factory training session.

Program Objectives:
  • Help young workers establish self-recognition and positive attitudes towards work and life.
  • Stimulate their potential for self-enhancement and career development (assets build-up).
  • Improve their practical skills to reduce common work-related stress.
  • Equip them with basic concepts and skills related to communication and conflict management.
  • Expand insight in making self-assessment and personal action plan for career development.

Targeted Audience:

Young workers on the production line aged of 16-25, with a special focus on juvenile workers aged 16-18.

Program Topics:

  • What are the basic human needs
  • How does the work satisfy your needs and personal goals; how to retain professional focus and motivation.
  • How do you think differently (Why attitude matters)
  • Why is it critical to manage personal stress and what steps can you take
  • How to effectively communicate with people
  • How do you react when receiving a criticism from your supervisor
  • What if a conflict happens with your co-workers
  • How to plan for personal career development


The training applies a participatory approach and encourages interactive learning. Participants will strengthen their learning by brainstorming, participating in group activities, watching videos, doing role plays and reading case studies. The trainer will lead the participants through situations and issues that production line young workers face in their daily workplace.

The trainer will facilitate the discussions on their concerns and doubts and help them find solutions, share best practices and improve their workplace communication and conflict management skills. The trainer will also provide instructions, guidance and a summary of the key learning points. Interaction with participants takes place throughout the training, and experience sharing and learning among participants are equally critical to the success of the training. 

Impact Assessment: 
Measuring and evaluating the impact of these trainings on staff and managers is important for both clients to see the results of the trainings and for CCR CSR to guarantee continuous quality of the trainings. Our impact assessment tools measure the following: 
  • Feedback: Participants fill-out pre- and post-training feedback questionnaires that measure the extent of participants’ appreciation towards the trainings 
  • Increase in knowledge: A pre- and post-training questionnaire evaluates whether participants’ knowledge increased
  • Change of behavior: A series of pre- and post-training interviews ascertain whether and how participants implement the training in their daily work
  • Impact: A worker survey evaluates whether or not the training had the desired impact on workers (e.g. reduced conflict, increased work satisfaction rate and retention, reduced absenteeism etc.)

Training Materials:

The training package consists of a booklet and handouts that participants can keep and take home.


“Many of us want to quit our job because of this problem or that. However, after the training, I realized that if you want to succeed, you need to be more persistent. Quitting job won’t solve the problem, you will find problems again in other factories. I think the best for me is to stay with my job, and be more positive and more persistent, the future will be better.”  A young worker from a factory in Heyuan